Common Questions from Aspiring Travel Advisorsūüßė

Want to know the answers to common questions like "how do I become a travel agent in Texas?" or "how to become a Disney travel agent?" or our favorite: "how much do travel agents make?" - then this section is for you!

How much do travel agents make?

Becoming a Travel Agent can be a rewarding (both personally and financially) career or side job. The majority of our team members earn between $10k-$150k per year.

How do I become a travel agent?

It starts with finding a Host Agency that matches your personality and goals. Most Host Agencies require you to pay a fee after applying -- but no fees required at Famvia Travel!

What skills do I need to become a travel agent?

To be a successful travel agent, you must enjoy working with people, solving problems, writing and sharing ideas. You also have to be prepared to deal with challenges in real-time.

What to do when I make a mistake with a client as a travel agent?

The first step is to no panic. Everyone makes mistakes and even if it was your client's mistake and not yours, you are working to ensure that client is made whole ASAP so they remain loyal.

What's the difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor?

The term "Travel Agent" makes us think of someone stuck in a call center, while our "Travel Advisors" are there to help advise on all the best ways to help a family enjoy their trip.

How do I become a Disney travel agent?

Find and join a Host Agency which is already contracted with Disney, get access to the Disney Travel Agents website and start booking travel for your friends and family!

Do travel agents get discounts on cruises?

As a thank you for pitching their ships, every cruise line will offer some type of benefit to agents which can include discounted rates, onboard credit and more.

Does Disney offer travel agent discounts?

Disney takes great care of their travel agents with loads of perks like discounted resort stays, free or discounted tickets, special cruise rates and more.

How much commission do travel agents earn?

While we cannot publicly disclose the exact percentage each supplier offers, the rates generally range from 8-20%.

Do travel agents earn commission on their own trips?

It depends on the Host Agency. At Famvia Travel, our agents earn 80% commission on all of their personal travel!

Do travel agents need a license?

Depending on the state you reside in, you may have to get a business license or certificate.

Do travel agents need insurance?

Most Host Agencies have an E&O (Errors & Ommissions) Policy which covers their agents.

Do travel agents have minimum booking requirements?

Most Host Agencies do require a certain number of bookings each year or at least a certain $ amount in order to get access to benefits and certain supplies.

Can I work from home as a travel agent?

This is one of the best perks in 2024 as you can work from anywhere! Our Advisors can work from anywhere, any day and any time - even internationally.